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ProArb Canterbury® Certified Tree Specialists and Professional Arborists offer a full range of Tree Services including; Tree Removal & Tree Felling, Tree Trimming, Pruning & Topping, Stump Grinding & Removal and other services such as Wood Chipping and Shelterbelt Trimming.

Our team of tree specialists work across the areas of Christchurch, Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Waimakariri District and North Canterbury. Canterbury. Tree Removal Experts Christchurch, Canterbury – Here in Christchurch, we perceive that trees are crucial for our personal satisfaction. They furnish us with oxygen, shade and natural product. They offer asylum to birds and other natural life. Moreover, as mortgage holders, they add worth and magnificence to our property.
In any case, keeping up with the wellbeing and essentialness of the trees around your home requires more than just pausing for a minute and watching nature follow through to its logical end. You need to build up a strong tree care routine to guarantee that your foliage keeps on prospering for quite a long time to come. Our affirmed arborists can assist you with surveying the strength of your trees and find ways to secure them, from pruning and besting to add up to expulsion. Call us quickly in the event that you notice any of the accompanying conditions:
Widowmaker – In forestry, a “widowmaker” refers to a branch that is no longer attached to the tree, but is temporarily suspended above ground by other branches. When gravity inevitably takes its toll, these falling limbs can severely injure or kill a person on the ground or cause expensive property damage. Widowmaker branches are best handled by a tree professional, as they cause more than 1 in 10 chainsaw-related fatalities each year in Australia.
Dead Wood – Seeing large sections of bark falling off a branch is a dead giveaway for dead wood. You may also notice that the branch shows no signs of new growth in the spring, another sure sign that the wood is dead and needs to be removed. If dead wood accounts for more than half the tree, chances are it will need to be replaced. You may wish to consider planting the new tree ahead of the removal of the older tree to give its replacement time to start growing.
Foundation, Sewer Line or Septic Tank Issues – Root systems of large trees can damage a home’s foundation or cause leaks or blockages in sewer lines and septic tanks. While trimming back the invasive roots can be a temporary solution, at some point tree removal will become unavoidable.
Maintenance and Planting – Even if you don’t see any of the potentially destructive conditions listed above, regular professional maintenance can help prevent them from occurring in the future. Prior to the arrival of spring, schedule a pruning visit to remove dead, diseased or dangerous branches before the tree begins its spring growth cycle. Waiting until later in the season to make these cuts elevates the risk of disease and pest infestation. Late winter and early spring are also the best times to plant new trees to give them a full season for establishment and growth. At the same time, we can provide you with soil analysis services to help you select the best fertilizer
kindling – Knowing when a tree should be taken out totally can be testing, and a large portion of us are reluctant to make a particularly exceptional stride. At the point when you’re confronted with that troublesome choice, our group of ensured arborists stands prepared to assist you with assessing, analyze and treat your trees—and when essential, securely eliminate them.
At the point when a tree should be eliminated, our accomplished group of specialists will finish the task securely, without making harm the encompassing trees or property. We approach each work dependent upon the situation to foster a redid plan to address your issues, regardless of whether your circumstance incorporates sick or risky trees, trees making impediments development, carports or different ways; bother invasion; or wind or tempest harm.
Quotes – The expense of eliminating a tree is dictated by a few variables, including the tree’s area, tallness, trunk width, number of huge or high branches and nearness to utility lines. Call us whenever to plan an on location gauge custom-made to the particulars of your work.
Try not to Risk It—Call a Professional – While it could be enticing to attempt to set aside cash by accomplishing the work yourself, recollect that tree expulsion—and even appendage evacuation—is a dangerous undertaking, in any event, for talented experts. It tends to be hard to foresee how branches and trunks might fall, and in the event that you don’t have the experience required, your chances of being truly harmed go up dramatically.
Trimming tools and other tree evacuation hardware can be off-kilter to utilize, and the outcomes of even a little mistake can be extraordinary. The presence of live utility lines close by ups the ante considerably higher. Why not keep away from the danger and the problem and let an expert do the work right the first run through?
On the off chance that you do choose to rethink the work, make a point to get your work done while choosing your specialist co-op. It’s normal to run into self-declared “experts” whose main experience is watching a couple of tree-felling recordings on the web. Protected and exact tree expulsion requires broad preparing, and the last thing you need is to give hands on preparing to an untalented beginner at the danger of costly harm to your home, vehicle or property.
One more advantage to recruiting an authorized proficient help is that it eliminates your risk on the off chance that something turns out badly during the expulsion interaction. Tree work is innately risky, and many individuals are harmed or killed every year because of related falls, falling items and electric shock. On the off chance that you enlist an individual or independent company that doesn’t have satisfactory protection, you as the mortgage holder will be responsible if there should arise an occurrence of a disaster.
We Provide Peace of Mind – Because of many years of field insight and broad preparing, we are pleased to offer the most secure, most exact tree evacuation administrations in Christchurch. We set aside the effort to precisely evaluate your trees and foster a compelling arrangement for treatment or evacuation. We utilize top caliber, all around kept up with gear to finish each task, and we’re completely authorized and safeguarded to secure you and your property. In particular, our work is performed by qualified, prepared arborists who meet or surpass all administration norms. Try not to leave the soundness of your trees up to risk. Call us today for an appraisal.

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Stump Grinding & Removal

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