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6 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trimming Their Own Trees

“A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible”. – a Welsh proverb.

If you want your trees to maintain their healthy growth, aesthetic beauty and overall health – all year round – then you’d need to keep regular tree trimming and pruning in the pipeline. Tree trimming services in Rangiora can help get rid of the dead and decaying branches, which, therefore, eliminates the dangers of the units falling and injuring people or affecting your property.

For some of us, it might be quite tempting to try out DIY-version of tree trimming and, in all fairness, there are loads of videos available on YouTube. This might make you think that you are saving money, but a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) job usually costs us our time and money, unless you’re REALLY good at it!

We’re just not making an assertion; instead, with our decade-long experience from observing other people’s tree trimming blunders in Rangiora or Christchurch or North Canterbury, this is our deduction. Therefore, we suggest that you seek help from a tree trimming professional in your city. Check out our website if you’re looking for tree trimming services from Christchurch, Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Waimakariri District and North Canterbury.

Meanwhile, in this blog post, we’re sharing 6 of the top rookie mistakes homeowners or inexperienced tree trimmers often make during a DIY-tree trimming project in Rangiora.

#1. Using unsharpened equipment

Most people don’t care about sharpening their gardening equipment because, to them, cutting grass is not so important, however, what they’re not aware of is how much of an extra labour they’re calling for by not doing so. If you cut the grass with blunt blades, you’ll leave behind large clumps of grass all over your lawn, and you will have to cut the lawn more than once to get rid of them.

When it comes to tree trimming in Rangiora, the same issue can persist, but the situation is far more problematic as trees are more complex and difficult to cut. If you accidentally cut off too many branches, they might not grow back as a mowed lawn would. In certain arboricultural jobs, it’s just as important to keep your skills sharp as it is to keep your tools sharp.

#2. Over-trimming your trees

It’s a no-brainer (and a must) that you do not get carried away while trimming trees on your Rangiora property, regardless of whether or not you are using sharp equipment. The common misunderstanding among most homeowners is that they need to trim or prune more than they need to! An excessive amount of trimming can cause significant damage to the tree, which may sometimes be irreparable.

You should prune away only the unhealthy branches but leave the ones that’ll help your tree survive. Certified arborists go through extensive training that teaches them to become experts in the skill of determining what parts of a tree should be pruned and what parts should be left alone.

#3. Flush Cutting

Whenever your eyes fall on a dead branch, lurking on a tree in your yard, you may immediately feel the urge to separate it from the tree in order to restore its aesthetics. But is that really a wise thing to do? Even if your intentions are great, this job requires an expert’s opinion more than you know.

For example:

Firstly, if you trim the branch too close to the trunk, you are risking irreversible damage to the tree, other than possibly giving it an uneven look.

This not only throws off the aesthetic of your garden, but will also serve as an open invitation to diseases, fungi, and pests to feast over your tree while making the situation even direr.

Secondly, although by chopping it closer to the trunk you are taking care of the falling limb issue, that is not going to help your tree in the long run. A certified arborist will know exactly where to cut and how to cut a tree in such a way that the risk is eliminated, the tree is able to recuperate, and it maintains its stunning appearance.

#4. Performing Cutbacks During Stormy Weather

On a stormy day, most people try to finish their DIY tree trimming project in a rush. That’s not a good approach! Not only is tree trimming and pruning, under severe weather conditions, but also becomes very risky. but also, once the storm has passed, the tree will continue needing more work to be done on it, unless you’ve been on point with your tree trimming and pruning.

This is why it’s crucial to complete the work proactively, that means you need to focus and have a plan in place. Certified arborists like to perform all of their tree trimming and pruning services on a routine basis in order to better prepare the trees for unexpected weather changes.

It’s also a good idea to have a professional tree trimmer come by in the late fall or early winter to take care of your tree’s needs. This will ensure that the trees are prepared to withstand storms and low temperatures.

5. Poor Cleanup

Everyone knows that being sloppy is not known as a positive human trait. But when you’re handling deadly tree trimming equipment in Rangiora, like a chainsaw, you really cannot afford to be sloppy at all!

Furthermore, when you don’t clean up the post-trim mess, you let the most common cause of accidents, related to tree trimming, linger on your property. Accidents that occur when someone is “hit by” a falling branch or limb are referred to as “struck by” accidents, and they are the most common cause of serious accidents that occur when cutting trees.

The trouble and potential danger of cleaning up after DIY tree trimming projects are not worth it. Therefore, it’s best to allow a trained specialist to take care of it for you.

#6. Maintaining precautions for safety

It’s not that homeowners are reckless; it’s just that inexperienced folks don’t know how to execute the work correctly. To be a skilled tree trimmer, one needs to invest a good amount of time acquiring knowledge about trees, real-time practice, and enough experience to understand the dangers of tree trimming.

In order to maintain their licensing, arborists need not only to get certified in relevant safety training but also to continue reading in order to stay up-to-date with the latest safety measures.

The nature of the job has always been very risky, but homeowners tend to experience fewer issues when they leave the job to professionals who are constantly gaining access to more technology and techniques to keep themselves safe.

Relying on a team of professionals to take care of your trees

ProArb Canterbury certified tree specialists and professional arborists offer a full range of tree services in Canterbury including; Tree Removal & Tree Felling, Tree Trimming, Pruning & Topping, Stump Grinding & Removal and other services such as Wood Chipping and Shelterbelt Trimming.

Through the services that we offer, we aim to prevent damage or injury to people and property that may be caused by an unhealthy or displaced tree (or hedge) and help to maintain a safe and well-maintained neighbourhood or environment.

Our team of tree trimming specialists provides arborist services in Christchurch, Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Waimakariri District and North Canterbury. Get in touch with us if you want to know more.