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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Tree Services in Christchurch

Here I sit beneath a tree. Heartbeat calm.  Soul hums free.” – Angie Weiland-Crosby

Trees are deeply connected within our souls. The power of tree care and their impact on saving nature, along with fighting climate change, has been a serious topic of discussion for over a decade now. Therefore tree care services are becoming increasingly popular by the day, since managing the health of an (existing) tree – as it turns out – is as important as planting a new one (for the sake of the environment).

This is why we, ProArb Canterbury, love our job and take it very seriously. But other than making a difference to the environment, our tree care business has been heavily involved in the upkeep of our clients’  personal property, thereby saving them hundreds of dollars in the long run.

But we also noticed that a majority of  the public has yet to learn the importance of hiring a tree care service professional. Not only is it affordable, but also instrumental in maintaining your property and its value – both in terms of its reselling value and aesthetic beauty.

Before we begin, let us ask a question – Can you cure something if you don’t know about its existence? Trees are often infested with diseases/illnesses that you may not know. Treating them in time not only saves you money but also helps protect the surrounding plants and trees in your yard.

So, here are 6 reasons why you should hire a tree care professional.

1. Use of modern equipment

Tree care experts possess tools and devices that are in line with today’s requirements because a chainsaw and an axe aren’t enough to complete the job. So when they prune and trim large branches, they’re brought down with the right precision, without blocking your pathway.

This set of equipment also helps them execute their job meticulously, with zero hassle and in a safe manner, ensuring that the residents, nearby plants and trees stay unharmed.

2. A clean landscape

When a tree is pruned or trimmed, it leaves a good amount of debris of broken branches/twigs and old withered leaves, all around the yard. Clearly, the job doesn’t end with just trimming and pruning. Once that’s over, someone needs to take care of the leftovers. Professional arborists make sure that they’re cleared from your yard ASAP.

3. Freedom from insect infestation

Aside from the lawn, arborists also closely inspect every nook and corner of your trees, looking for any clue (nascent or advanced) signs of insect and rodent infestation. Then they make sure that your tree is treated with safe and effective chemicals to free them from the problem. Such a precise level of attention would eventually add to your property’s value.

4. Protecting residents from any injury or accidents

No matter how unpredictable it is,  old overgrown trees tend to be a source of injuries/accidents for the residents quite often. When left unattended, the weaker branches fall on someone (or something) unannounced, therefore causing great damage. Consequently, loss of money will follow, which could have been avoidable, plus medical attention or repair. Once an arborist takes a look around your yard, he or she will be able to spot those problems immediately and handle the job for you. So, it’s always a good idea to consult them every now and then.

5. Helps you save money

Sidewalks, sewers and, sometimes, the neighbouring property can get affected if a tree has been chopped off without any professional guidance. It’s a big risk for the property owners since it involves a great deal of repair costs.

Professional arborists, thanks to their  experience, understand what’s at stake. They are well aware of how to get the job done, without causing the aforementioned problems.

6. Knowledge of trees, soil and environment

Managing trees requires a lot of knowledge about their nature, the soil best suited for them and how they can best be treated. It’s not about just cutting down a stem or a bark, but having intensive  knowledge which exact point should be cut.

Arborists undergo educational programs ) and rigorous training on:

  • Everything about flora and fauna,
  • Detection of illnesses,
  • How to conduct soil assessment,
  • Assessment of the environment, and so on.

These, along with years of experience qualifies them as a professional.

So when you’re calling a professional arborist, expect to receive 100% expert service. Their high-quality pruning, trimming, complete tree removal, and other services are meant to turn around the physical aesthetics and quality of your garden.

So, if you’re looking for a Christchurch Arborist who can offer you quality tree care advice & services, get in touch with ProArb Canterbury today!