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Most skills in life require the individual to have a certain level of expertise. Pruning is no different. For some strange reason, it became a common belief that anyone with a chainsaw or a pruning saw could prune trees and hedges.


This is far from the truth; There are more trees killed each year by botched pruning than by garden pests. When pruning and topping hedges you should seek a professional arborist who will ensure that your hedge not only survives but goes on to thrive.


The purpose of pruning should be to both control the size of the hedge and to redirect plant resources to the limbs that are remaining so that they have additional energy that is needed for the growth of flowers, fruits and foliage.


An arborist is not just a guy with a chainsaw, he is an expert in the physiology of the tree and identifying any potential issues with its health.



It is best to have a plan for the maintenance of hedges. When tackling a woody or overgrown hedge, The Royal Horticultural Society suggests a three-year cycle. Pruning one side in year one, the other side in year two, and then topping the hedge in year three.

Doing it this way will ensure that the hedge does not become too stressed. Many factors like this need to be considered when maintaining your hedge and a trained arborist will know them all. This is why allowing an arborist to deal with this work will mean you end up with a plant that is healthy and not weakened or deformed by incorrect pruning.

Hedges, in an agricultural setting, serve to protect the fields from wind erosion and establish contour guidelines.

In a domestic setting, a good hedge can add a new living environment to your garden, assist with privacy and offer protection from the wind. A well-cared-for hedge, adequately pruned and topped, is a thing of beauty and will add both character and value to your home. Letting someone loose with a chainsaw or pruning saw can turn it into an eyesore that will devalue the amenity of your garden and the value of your property should you decide to sell.

Remember that the Christchurch City Council requires you to maintain/trim trees and shrubs that overhang boundaries to at least 2.5 meters from the ground level if that land is either a footpath or grassed area.

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If you border directly onto a road, then your responsibility is to cut growth back up to a height of 5 meters above the road. Any plant growth that is projecting through the fence should be cut back to the property boundary.

Do not be afraid to contact us for advice on how your trees, hedges or shrubs should be maintained. If you have a particular requirement, we may well have a solution you were not aware existed.

We also offer tree pruning and hedge trimming in Canterbury, Rangiora and Kaiapoi.

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