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Professional Tree Pruning, Topping and Hedge Trimming in Kaiapoi

When you hire arborists, you have the assurance that your trees and hedges will grow beautifully and add value to your property.

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Kaiapoi is blessed with a large number of trees. Walk along the side of the river near Smith Street and there are rows of trees lining the river, and whatever direction you look, there are trees on the skyline.

Trees increase the overall value of your property and they also beautify your community. Trees are not a short term feature. They usually take years to grow so they are not something that can be added and taken away repeatedly. A property with well-maintained trees will have a value attached to it and the community also benefits, as does the environment.

When pruning or topping hedges in Kaiapoi, a poorly trained “man with a chainsaw” can do untold harm to a tree or hedge. Damage that can take many years to repair. An untrained worker can also pose a risk to both his own and others’ safety. A trained arborist is a specialist in caring for trees’ health and safety.

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Pruning Trees

Being a professional arborists, we understand the correct way of pruning a tree, and the differences between the species of trees and their unique requirements. We understand the impact of pruning on their overall condition, looks and safety.

There are many reasons why a tree might need to be pruned, such as:

  • Training of young trees so that they develop a structure that is sustainable and strong.
  • It may be necessary to remove limbs and branches that have become damaged.
  • Improve the amount of light that can pass through them so that more light can reach a window, for example.
  • Improve the amount of air that can pass through the canopy of the tree.
  • Where limbs are too close to structures, they may need to be removed.
  • Where two limbs are rubbing against each other and causing damage.
  • To remove limbs that may be diseased.
  • Create an infrastructure that is more resilient to storms.
  • Lighten the load carried at the end of branches
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Topping is usually requested by homeowners who are concerned about a large tree toppling over. Often these trees need to be topped by a professional to ensure the surrounding property is not damaged in the process. It also ensures that the tree will remain healthy once topped and continue to grow in the correct way.

You will find your arborist approachable and willing to discuss issues relating to your trees. A professional arborist will have a love of trees and a deep knowledge of most aspects of the tree’s physiology. Let’s keep Kaiapoi beautiful and maintain all your tree needs by a professional.

We also offer tree pruning and hedge trimming in Canterbury, Christchurch and Rangiora.

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