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Professional Tree Pruning, Topping and Hedge Trimming in Rangiora

When you hire arborists, you have the assurance that your trees and hedges will grow beautifully and add value to your property.

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It is vital to choose the correct people to top or prune your hedge. Topping is a serious process that must be performed by a professional. Sometimes there are better ways to maintain and control hedges than topping, and your professional arborist will understand this and can advise you.

So What is an Arborist?

An Arborist is sometimes called a tree surgeon or Arboriculturist. He/she is a professional in the practice of arboriculture, which focuses on the health and safety of trees and shrubs. He is not there to simply prune or remove trees but can monitor and treat trees to ensure they are in good health and do not pose any danger to the public.

This might involve planting new trees and hedges, transplanting them, pruning them, putting structural support in place or preventing and diagnosing disease. He may also treat and prevent parasite damage, install lightning prevention measures and remove vegetation that could interfere with the tree.

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Topping is a term used for cutting tree branches back to stubs or lateral branches. Topping is often used for reducing the size of a tree/hedge if it has become too large for the property.

There are many methods to reduce the size of a tree. These include crown reductions, lifting, thinning and more. Every shrub or tree is an individual and your arborist will be able to give advice for each individual case.

Many companies advertise topping or pruning but have no idea of the physiology of the tree and can damage a shrub or tree severely.

Rangiora can be subject to strong winds on occasion and hedges offer relief as a barrier to the wind for your garden plants. Hedges are a practical way of protecting your garden and the correct management by a professional arborist is essential for it to thrive. One careless topping can cause so much damage that the hedge will never regain the desired shape. Topping is not just random slicing across the hedge.

Tree Pruning

A trained arborist can establish the type of pruning that an individual tree is going to require to maintain or increase the health, appearance and safety of trees.

Avoiding Utility Cables

Sometimes trees and hedges get too close to utility cables and can potentially damage them. A professional arborist will liaise with the utility company to safely reshape the tree so that it is no longer a problem.

Emergency Intervention

Removal of damaged limbs that present a threat to public safety and could cause potential damage to property.

Storm and Earthquake Damage

In the case of natural disasters, sometimes trees are left in a dangerous state with damaged limbs, trunks that have been split or sitting at extreme angles. Sometimes these trees can be saved by the intervention of a professional arborist who can assess the damage and propose solutions. On other occasions, there is no choice but to remove the tree. In this case, safety is an important consideration and an arborist will carry out the work knowledgeably and with safety as his primary concern.

We also offer tree pruning and hedge trimming in Christchurch, Canterbury and Kaiapoi.

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