Are you seeking a professional tree felling or tree removal services in Christchurch?


As professional arborists, we love trees, but occasionally there comes a time when they have to go. When that time comes, you need an expert to carry out the work, both safely and professionally.

Tree removal can be dangerous, even with smaller trees. A professional arborist is the trained person that you need for this challenge.

Removing a tree is not a decision that you should make on a whim. It should be a decision made after considering all the factors. You may wish to fell a tree because it is either dead or dying. Trees like this pose a safety concern for the property owner as they could cause injury to passers-by. There would also be an aesthetic reason for removing a dead tree.

However, it may also be needed to cut down a healthy tree. Nobody likes to see this, but the tree could be interfering with buildings, a driveway, or cables from utilities.

If a tree is being removed because of its proximity to power cables, then it is essential to liaise with the utility company.

Where a tree is on or near a property border, the removal of the tree can lead to disputes and even legal action. It is crucial to plan this removal with the knowledge and cooperation of the neighbour.

If uncertain whether the tree really has to go, talk to your arborist, and seek advice. There may be another solution that can be found. Remember, it takes just hours to remove a tree and many years to grow a new one, possibly even decades. We all agree I am sure that trees

Trees and shrubs that border public footpaths and roads in Christchurch have to be appropriately maintained, and any overhanging growth over a path has to be cut back up to a height of 2.5 metres. If the growth

overhangs the road, it must be cut back up to a height of 5 metres above the road. Christchurch regulations also relate to trees that obscure road signs or impede waterways as well.

If vegetation grows through the fence, it should be cut back to the property line. As professionals, we can ensure that your property adheres to all Christchurch regulations.


We offer more than tree felling & removal

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the most common service that we supply. Correct tree pruning is a skilled job that takes a

great deal of theoretical and supervised practical study to master.

Tree Cabling

If a tree causes you concern following a storm and you suspect that there is a possibility of it falling and causing damage. Tree felling is not always required; cabling can provide security and give the tree time to recover. Cabling can also be used to encourage the tree to grow in a more sustainable direction.

Stump Removal

If you have a pesky stump taking up precious room in your backyard, grinding is the most affordable and efficient method of tree stump removal. 

Much More

Your arborist is the expert in trees and shrubs. If you have any worries about the health of a tree or shrub, it is possible that your arborist can take action to save their later destruction.