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Professional Stump Grinding & Removal in Kaiapoi

When you hire arborists, you have the assurance that your trees and hedges will grow beautifully and add value to your property.

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Your professional arborist in Kaiapoi will have cut down your tree and might have left one remaining piece of the tree to deal with, the stump. Your arborist will then consult with you about how you want the issue of the stump dealt with. You have three choices.

  • You can choose to leave it
  • You can have it removed completely
  • You can choose to have it ground

The method you select is up to you and in this article we will look at the various techniques and what is involved.

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Why you might want to think about removing a tree stump

Before we look at methods of dealing with the stump, let’s have a look at what usually happens when people initially tell the arborist to leave the stump. Ask an arborist, and they will recognize this scenario.

The customer was so pleased that the tree was finally gone that they just want to be done with it, and they look at the stump and tell the arborist it will be fine just to leave it.

Then after a few months of mowing around the stump you realise it ruins the look of your lawn, you start to get irritated and the final thing was falling over the stump when you were not looking where you were going. So you call the arborist to set up a job to come and deal with the stump and kick yourself because it will cost you more than if he had done it while he was there before.

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Removing a Tree Stump

Removing a stump will produce the best outcome. It will result in your garden being left free of both the stump and the network of roots that had spread out from the stump of the tree. It allows you to landscape your garden as you wish.

Yes, some landscaping will be required after you have been left with a large hole where the stump and underground connections once were. The whole garden will be effected as the roots are followed and dug out as well. As you can imagine, this involves a lot of digging and some powerful tools. It will, however, be worth it in the end.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding deals with the central stump but ignores the roots. Consequently, it is far less damaging to the rest of your garden. The roots will remain hidden underground and over the following ten years, they will decay and disappear. It may lead to slight indentations in the lawn as the soil slips down to fill the void.

To grind the stump, they use a powerful tool that will reduce the stump into woodchip. You will receive bags of woodchip to use as mulch elsewhere in your garden (that’s a bonus).

Do you need further advice?

It is a big decision, and there may still be issues that you want to clarify. If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can walk you through both options.

We also offer stump grinding and removal in Christchurch, Canterbury and Rangiora.

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