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Professional Tree Stump Removal & Grinding in Rangiora

When you hire arborists for tree stump removal, you have the assurance that your trees and hedges will grow beautifully and add value to your property.

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Looking for tree stump removal or felling services in Rangiora? You’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve already had a professional Rangiora arborist fell or remove your tree, you’ll likely be left with the stump. An efficient tree stump removal team, like ours at Pro Arb, can rid you of this problem. However, you could leave the stump in position if it is not causing an obstruction — it depends on what you want to do with the surrounding land.

Should you want to tackle the base of what once was a sturdy tree, you have two choices. The first would be removing the whole stump and the second would be to grind the stump.

Why would you need tree stump removal?

You are so pleased to see the old tree removed that you just want the job finished, and you tell the arborist that it is fine just to leave the old stump where it is.

Believe me, it will not take long before you start to regret that decision, and you wish you had it removed while the arborist was there before. You have lost count of the times that you have tripped up on the stump. It is also a bit of an eyesore stuck there in the middle of your lawn and it is a total pain to have to drive the mower around the stump, stopping you from getting those neat lines on your lawn. So eventually you crack and call the arborist back, and it ends up costing more than it would have if you had let him do the job while men and equipment were there before.

Tree stump removal – the process

Removing a stump is quite a labour-intensive job and will result in a lot of disruption to your garden as the massive stump (much of which is underground) is removed and the network of roots that spread out from the stump is traced and dug up. Once the actual stump is dug up, you are going to be left with a large hole that will need to be filled.

It takes a lot of digging and some powerful tools to complete the task, but once you have completed it, your garden will be a blank slate that is just ready for you to landscape with no roots in the way.

Tree stump removal in process

Grinding the Tree Stump

Grinding away the stump and turning it into woodchips is much less intrusive than digging out the stump. It will take fewer human resources and will result in less impact on the rest of your garden. As a bonus, you get bags of woodchips that you can use as mulch for the rest of your garden.

Grinding the stump will remove the visible stump but ignores the issue of the network of roots that radiate from where the tree once stood. This may be up to a 12-foot radius. Once the stump is gone, these roots will be left underground, where they will gradually rot and decay. This can take up to ten years.

Do you need further advice?

If you are uncertain what to do, then book a chat with us and seek further info and advice that will assist you in making a decision. We can advise you and help you with any number of issues related to trees, shrubs, and hedges, if you’re looking for tree stump removal or full tree removal.

We also provide stump removal and stump grinding in Canterbury, Christchurch and Rangiora. For more information on the services we provide, see here.