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The Purpose of an Arborist: All your Questions Answered

If you have trees on your property, whether it’s your home or organization, you’re probably (already) familiar with the concepts and rules of tree maintenance, such as making sure that they receive enough nutrition, water, sunlight, and other necessities.

However, managing a tree in your property can be a bit more complex than it sounds, as they are prone to a number of issues that vary, based on their type & the environment they’re raised in, which necessitates a specialist’s attention.

Canterbury is a hub for hundreds of different tree species, each of which requires its own set of care and maintenance.

If you have or intend to have trees on your property in this area, make sure you either consult or hire a competent arborist for such a sensitive yet time-consuming task

What is an arborist?

An arborist is a tree surgeon, who is specifically educated and certified to work in all aspects of tree care, from tree assessments to pruning, infection and disease detection and treatment.

Canterbury arborists are in charge of not just the health of the trees on your property, but also the safety of the people who live and work there. They are qualified enough to do tasks that are potentially risky for unskilled individuals, such as climbing into trees to trim large, possibly unstable branches.


Can an Arborist Help Me Take care of My Trees?

An arborist in Canterbury is responsible for a wide range of tasks related to tree maintenance. They’ve been specifically educated to spot issues that cannot be easily spotted by a layman. They also have the training to deal with these issues properly, without endangering the tree, your property, or themselves.

Pruning big branches is one of the most essential jobs that should always be left to a professional. Large, heavy branches grow weak or fall sick, posing a threat to the persons and property under it. It’s much easier and a lot less complicated if you leave this job to a professional, given the risks associated.

Such a job requires specialised expertise, equipment, and insurance, you should always delegate it to a professional. Arborists from Western Australia will provide hard hats, ropes, and all of the necessary cutting equipment to do the work safely.


Can an arborist help you with your ill tree?

Arborists are trained and educated to evaluate and treat diseases in trees. Even though the tree might seem to be in excellent condition, it’s a good idea to get it examined by a professional on a regular basis.

Just as you should take your vehicle to the shop on a regular basis to ensure it’s in excellent operating condition, and see the doctor and dentist on a regular basis to maintain your personal health, you should plan frequent check-ups for your tree as well.

An arborist will examine the tree’s bark, leaves, and branches for indications of damage, starvation, insect infestation, and other typical issues that can affect New Zealand trees. They’ll look at the bark to see whether it’s particularly soft, since this may indicate a termite infestation. They’ll check for black spots beneath the leaves, which may signal the presence of a fungus preventing nutrients from reaching the plants.

They may take the appropriate measures to address the problem if they detect any indications of infestation or illness. This may include trimming the damaged regions; in other cases, it may entail using a natural pesticide that is safe for the tree, beneficial insects, birds, and other animals.


Can an arborist assist me with the removal of a tree?

If a tree is sick and can’t be rescued, or if a tree has been severely damaged by bad weather or other factors, you may need to remove it from your property.

Removing a tree, the whole tree, stump and all, is a tough and time-consuming task.

The tree must first be cut down and its fall carefully managed, to avoid causing damage to any adjacent property. The tree will then have to be properly disposed of, with all safety precautions taken.

After all of this, the stump will need to be removed, which is another job that an arborist can help with. They will sometimes just pull the stump out of the ground with a truck and cables, but other times, a more careful technique may be required. The arborist may use chemicals to rot the stump until it is soft and readily removed, or they can burn the stump away by letting it smoulder until it is easily dismantled and removed.


What about planting new trees?

An arborist in Christchurch can assist you whether you’ve just had a tree removed and want to replace it or you’re planting for the first time.

Canterbury’s climate is suitable for a wide range of tree species, both native and non-native. An arborist can advise you on which tree species would be most suited to your property. Depending on the circumstances, different tree species perform better; some need more acidic soil, while others require partial shade.

A professional arborist can help you plant a tree and care for it during its vulnerable early months once you’ve chosen one you like.

So, whether you need to cut down an existing tree or want to plant a new one, give us a call on 021 211 6014 now!