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Professional Tree Felling & Tree Removal in Christchurch, NZ

Have a tree that needs to go? Or need to clear an area for a fresh scenery or new project? Leave the work to Christchurch’s trusted arborists

ProArb Canterbury®

Have a tree that needs to go? Or need to clear an area for a fresh scenery or new project? Leave the work to Christchurch’s trusted arborists — ProArb Canterbury®.

You’ll get professional services from fully qualified arborists with years of experience. The ProArb team has lived, studied and worked around trees in Christchurch, so we have extensive knowledge of the common tree problems of our clients, as well as the right solutions.

At ProArb, you get technical expertise. Our team includes Levels 3 and 4 arborists, and our company is owned and operated by local Level 4 Arborist, Bryce Hannah.

Safe Tree Felling and Removal

Removing a tree is not a decision made on a whim; more importantly, it’s a job that is best handled by experts.

When working on a tree, our arborists consider all factors to maintain safety and meet the expectations of our clients. Some want a tree removed because it is dead and poses a risk to the property or pedestrians. We also have clients who want to remove a healthy tree because it interferes with buildings, driveways or power lines. In Christchurch, any overhanging growth over a path has to be cut back up to a height of 2.5 metres. If it overhangs the road, it has to be cut back up to 5 metres above the road.

We also consider the legal repercussions of tree felling. The removal of some trees may lead to disputes and legal action.

If you’re not sure that your tree has to go, talk to our arborists, and we’ll walk you through your options. We’ll make sure your property follows Christchurch regulations.



We Leave Behind a Clean and Tidy Site

Depending on our clients’ requirements, we remove all the leaves and branches to leave behind a nice, clean area. We can also remove stumps and leave an even ground as if the stumps have never been there.

We Prioritise Safety

As professional arborists, we take every safety precaution to ensure that our workers, as well as the entire site, are safe while removing the tree. We have industrial-grade equipment that swiftly gets the job done and hauls heavy, dangerous branches safely. When we leave, we make sure that there are no stray branches that pose tripping hazards.

We Make the Process Easy for Our Clients

We provide affordable, professional and friendly services to our Christchurch clients. If you want a tree removed, or you are unsure about any trees in your property:

  1. Give us a call to schedule a visit
  2. We’ll visit your property and assess your trees
  3. We’ll give you a free quote
  4. Then, we’ll complete the job quickly and safely

We Offer So Much More

Apart from our tree felling and removal, we also offer →

Tree Pruning and Topping

Our most common service, professional tree pruning, removes the right parts of the tree to promote healthy growth.

Stump Grinding and Removal

We grind and remove tree stumpsso you can maximise the space in your property.

Tree Cabling

In some cases, you don’t have to remove a tree altogether. Cabling can provide security and give the tree time to recover.

Find the right solutions for the problematic trees in your property.
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