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Professional Tree Felling & Tree Removal in Kaiapoi

Have a tree that needs to go? Or need to clear an area for a fresh scenery or new project? Leave the work to Christchurch’s trusted arborists

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During the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake there was substantial damage to trees in Kaiapoi. There was stem snapping, limb snapping, damage to roots, trees that were left in a leaning position and trees that were simply tipped up.

Over 384 trees were removed from public land, private property and there are still some trees that have been left in a sorry state. Most of the urgent tree felling has been completed now.

Still, due to massive soil movement and shifts in the water table, many trees require remedial work and others unfortunately will eventually need to be removed.

If you have a tree that has to be felled in Kaiapoi because of the after-effects of the earthquake, or for any other reason, then you should contact a professional arborist who can advise you on your choice of options.

It may be that he can advise you on alternatives to felling that could be possible. If not, he can arrange the felling of the tree and its removal in a way that is both safe and have the least impact on the surroundings.

If the tree that has to be felled is in a less open position or confined space then we can dismantle the tree safely and efficiently.

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Trees that have been damaged by natural disasters may have non-typical stresses and compression. These trees need an expert who understands trees and should not be attempted by any general contractor.

A professional arborist can tackle these jobs in the safest way and more efficiently than any old man with a chainsaw. They will, of course, leave the site looking tidy after they finish and advise on the best type of tree to replace the old one should you wish to do so.

We also offer tree felling in Christchurch, Canterbury and Rangiora.

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Other Services besides Tree Felling and Removal in Kaiapoi

Possibly your tree is just too tall, and you would like the height reduced. Maybe it has spread and is outgrowing the space. In either case, we can efficiently resolve the problem allowing increased light.

Get your tree assessed by an expert so that work on damaged trees can be discussed, and you can find out your options. Remember, an arborist is not just someone who cuts down trees but is also an expert in tree health and maintenance.

Are you undertaking construction work? If so, it is possible that existing trees could be damaged by digging and disruption to roots, etc. By consulting with an arborist it is possible to avoid or minimize the damage to mature trees on site, which will more than cover its costs by the increased value of the property containing mature trees.

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So whatever your requirements are for the planting, management, restoration, and felling of trees, an arborist is the person to contact. Trees add value to our environment and also increase the value of our property. The investment in professionals to care for them is one that will be repaid many times.