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Professional Tree Felling & Tree Removal in Rangiora

Have a tree that needs to go? Or need to clear an area for a fresh scenery or new project? Leave the work to Christchurch’s trusted arborists

ProArb Canterbury®

We are professional arborists and can assist you in the safe and efficient felling and removal of trees. When removing a tree it is important that it is done by a professional. This is to ensure the safety of the tree feller and to eliminate the possibility of damage to neighbouring trees, buildings, or boundary fences.

It is essential to understand that the removal of a tree can also have legal implications. Taking down trees on or near a boundary is a potential minefield and should be done with the full agreement of the neighbour. Prior consultation can save disputes in the future.

An unqualified tree feller could bring the tree down and cause damage and is unlikely to be insured to cover the costs of repairs and compensation. If the tree is anywhere near utility cables, this must also be a consideration.

If there is the slightest chance that the tree could hit power lines then the utility company must be notified before the tree is felled. A professional arborist will have the training and experience to bring a tree down precisely where they need it to fall, avoiding costly repairs and possible litigation.

We also offer tree felling and removal in Canterbury, Christchurch and Kaiapoi.

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