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Tree Trimming Vs Tree Pruning: What’s the difference

We often come across people who aren’t clear about the concept of tree pruning and tree trimming. Although they both may seem similar, if you pay attention to their function, both serve different purposes. For example: tree trimming refers to cutting of the branches and edges of the trees to maintain its shape, while tree pruning is slightly more technical and is often required to get rid of any diseased or loose branch. 

Let’s delve into this discussion further and understand the differences between tree trimming and pruning better.


What is Tree Trimming?

Tree timing entails maintaining or sharpening the aesthetic beauty of a tree. Professional arborists perform tree timing to give trees an upgrade – mostly by correcting its form and appearance.

A neglected tree, due to its unmanaged growth, will spread in all directions. Uneven growth will result in scraggly, imbalance or deformed trees. Overgrowth may harm a tree’s health, including the health of nearby plants since extra branches may obstruct their access to moisture, nutrients, and sunlight.

Trimming consists of cutting down these overgrown branches to promote shapely development.


What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is a bit different from tree trimming. It works on improving the tree form and beauty, but by taking care of its health. That means, getting rid of dead, diseased or loose branches that hinder their growth. Arborists cut down areas of growth that obstructs the easy growth of other sections. For example: cross-over branches. 

Pruning trees should be done by professional tree care services with plenty of training and expertise only. Untrained people may struggle to identify which branches should be removed to promote tree health.

Every tree deserves a routine check-up. Once it receives that attention and care, the tree starts to bear healthier fruits and flowers. When done incorrectly, this job may impede the tree’s development. Excessive trimming may promote pests and diseases, or even cause its death.


How Often Should Trees Be Trimmed?

The consistency at which a tree should be trimmed depends on its present appearance and owner’s personal choice. Usually trimming is done once or twice a year. But trees that have grown out of proportion and are starting to look odd need to be trimmed asap. 


What about Pruning?

Pruning is done seasonally, although the precise timing depends on the tree type. For example:Spring-flowering trees are typically trimmed in the middle of Summer. Summer-flowering and fruit trees are pruned in the winter or spring.


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