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Why is it Important to Trim Your Trees at the Right Time of Year?

“When should I not trim trees?”

“When is the best time for tree felling in Christchurch?”

“When should you cut back trees and shrubs?”

If these questions have been harbouring in your mind for some time then this blog post is meant for you.

People who trim trees on their own have to follow a calendar, and we’ll go over why here. You might also want to learn about pruning fruit trees and what tools are required for that kind of job.

There are several reasons to consider tree trimming (or, tree felling) in Christchurch. Because of their size, trees create more waste as they age, become unproductive, and even become dangerous. When a tree obstructs or gets in the way of other plants growing underneath it, it’s often the perfect time for tree felling or tree trimming. All of these are compelling reasons to hire a professional arborist to work on your trees in Christchurch.

Tree trimming helps reduce the weight of branches so that they don’t cause destruction to adjacent buildings, fences, or property if they fall during adverse weather such as strong winds or severe storms. Once the branches are trimmed it helps in proper circulation of air and sufficient reach of sunlight into the lower parts of vegetation, which helps in heaps to improve overall plant health. It also makes it a lot easier for the gardener or landscaper to see what they’re doing and to remove only the dead or diseased branches.

Tree felling, on the other hand, is necessary if the tree is diseased or infested by a herd of insects. Dead trees soon become a nest for insects and a source of dangerous diseases, which will start damaging the health of surrounding plants, too. When you choose the option of tree felling for your plants and trees in Christchurch, you’re actively working on safeguarding the rest of your plants from the attacks.

A gardener, every once in a while, might’ve come across a hurdle or two while they’re on their way to planting new trees or even making an attempt to create a beautiful garden (with flowers, shrubs, or landscape elements that they have grown themselves). In such situations, it’s often best not to grow ambitious and leave the job well enough alone and appreciate what they’ve got rather than taking on another job that might be tough, time-consuming, and end up costing them more than it’s worth.

4 Most Common Causes for Regular Tree Trimming

4/1. Managing a tree’s appearance

Trees that aren’t trimmed on a regular basis might become undermaintained and unappealing. Their branches might sprout out in uneven ways, giving them an unusually jumbled look.

Trimming is similar to getting a much-needed haircut that brings out the tree’s natural beauty. The tree’s look makes great improvement by thinning out limbs and chopping down out-of-shape branches. Trimming is particularly crucial for trees that were planted to upgrade your property’s value.

4/2. Enhance your landscape’s aesthetic value

Your landscape’s aesthetic value often suffers in heaps if you delay your tree’s trimming job for a longer duration. The densely-packed branches can end up obstructing sunlight and rain from reaching the grass and flowers growing underneath it, preventing them from developing in the right way. This, automatically, will incur the cost of bringing them back in shape.

Tree trimming on a regular basis helps in ensuring sufficient reach of sunlight and moisture to the branches and other denser areas of the tree. Trimming may also improve the aesthetic of your environment by cutting down branches that hinder any (attractive) view.

4/3. Maintaining tree’s health

Deadwood can be a source of grave danger once it falls over any living being or property. To curb the problem one has to get rid of those, and the other weaker branches as soon as one can. To curb this issue one must get rid of it as soon as possible. Our advice? Go for tree trimming right away. Gardeners and experts alike choose this option when a branch or limb becomes fragile (owing to any insection infestation, disease or old age) and break off, while still staying attached to the tree. The majority of specialists agree that this sort of work should not be done in the winter (fall and winter) since climbing and working in the cold may make the task more risky and uncomfortable.

However, if the damage is irreversible or too high, you might need tree felling as the only alternative. Get in touch with a professional arborist in Christchurch to know if your tree needs it.

4/4: Safety of the surrounding

Another major reason for regular tree trimming is your property’s safety. Trees with dead, diseased, or infected branches can pose a threat to your yard or the people around it. Strong winds or torrential rain can force the branches to fall off, with no prior notice, and cause damage around them — and someone might be seriously harmed. Sometimes it wouldn’t take that much also for danger. A feeble branch can break down even by the touch of a light breeze, too. The presence of these weaker branches is the most important reason to get your trees trimmed on a regular basis.

Trimming spring blossoming trees should be postponed until after the blooming season has passed, since pruning a tree during flowering might result in serious injury or, even, death. Remove no more than just one-third of the canopy of a healthy tree at a time; otherwise, you risk removing the tree’s capacity to generate enough food to support recovery from branch and leaf loss. If you must trim in late winter or early spring, experts recommend choosing an overcast day to decrease the quantity of sap discharged.

We hope this blog post helps clear the mist over some of your doubts and helps you in growing and maintaining healthy and attractive trees.

Tree trimming and tree felling are important responsibilities for tree arborists in Christchurch since we experience the effects of failure on a daily basis. Unpruned trees can grow ugly, pose a threat to your property, or possibly need total tree felling from your property. For more info, feel free to contact your local tree care team in Christchurch today!