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5 reasons to remove that tree stump in your backyard

Have you ever heard of the phrase – “I’m stumped”? By definition, it means – “to not know what to do or say”. Basically, be confused or stuck. Ironically, many people feel the same way after they’re left behind with a tree stump after a tree removal service

During the initial few days, a stump may not seem like a problem at all – maybe at first, it’s just a harmless garden obstacle. But as weeks and months pass, issues may start to arise.  Eventually that tree stump can become a hassle in your day-to-day life. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should get rid of the tree stump immediately!


1) Tree Stumps Can Be Dangerous

Stumps can become a dangerous hazard for your loved ones. For example, little kids could trip over tree stumps and hurt themselves while playing around in your yard. Even lawnmowers can potentially get damaged if they crash against it. There’s no certainty that you can avoid such issues from happening. Tree stumps in your driveway can make it difficult to back in and out of your property and may  distort smooth parking.


2) Tree Stumps Attract Insects

When wood decomposes, it starts to attract insects. Ants, termites, beetles, and other wood-boring insects love decaying wood and will make your tree stump their home. Once they’ve finished with your stump, these insects will soon start infesting the rest of your garden, or even worse, your deck or home.


3) Tree Stumps Are An Eyesore

From cutting & trimming trees to caring for the lawn – one needs to invest some amount of money and time to look after your yard. Stumps, on the other hand, become a distraction, sticking out of the earth while barely serving any fruitful purpose to your garden or backyard. When left as is, tree stumps are as good as a gravestone – reminiscent of what was once alive.


4) Tree Stumps Can Grow Back

If you leave a stump as is, its roots will often continue growing. If left unmanaged, they can damage underground pipes, steal water and nutrients from neighbouring trees & plants, ruin concrete walkways and other components of your property. Before you’ll even realise it, they would’ve caused significant harm to the surrounding environment.

Also, despite their rigid, uninspiring look, stumps are a great source of nutrients for new plant growth, especially when they start decaying. The roots of a tree store a lot of the energy generated during photosynthesis. This energy remains available underground after a tree is chopped down which can lead to the growth of a new tree or new shoots that may eventually grow into a full tree.. Once they start growing it becomes a tad more difficult to remove the stump. 


5) Tree Stumps takes Up Unnecessary Space

Stumps tend to occupy unnecessary room space, which can be utilised for personal use, such as construction of a children’s play zone, pet’s shelter, new gardens, grass, or an outdoor seating area. Get that tree stump removed to make the most of your yard space. 


The Bottom Line

When left unattended & under-managed, Stumps:

  • Can attract insect infestation
  • Become an eyesore, thus affecting your yard’s aesthetics
  • Are a hazard for kids and may damage important personal possessions
  • Can become an obstacle on your property.
  • Can be very difficult to remove if it starts growing back.
  • Block space that can be, otherwise, utilised for personal use.


So what’s the solution?

These days, professional arborists have adopted stump grinding as a useful, affordable and one of the most effective methods of stump removal. In this process, the original stump is ground down to a softer and usable mulch, which can be later used to fill up stump holes, in gardening, compost bins & much more.


If you’re looking for tree arborists in Christchurch, Kaiapoi,  Rangiora, or the wider Canterbury region, ProArb has you covered. We provide services for stump grinding, stump mulching, and stump removal in Canterbury to remove that pesky stump. Feel free to contact our friendly team to request a free quote