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Why Should You, and How To Hire The Best Tree Care Service Professionals?

“Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

We all know it – when urban space started occupying more and more space, the green life was being compromised and taken for granted for decades. People have been busy clearing woodland to make room for villages since ancient times.

But, as of a decade ago, greenery is striving its way back to its proper place in the world. Climate change has been bad news, but people have started to keep up the good work of saving forests. 

A huge part of caring for the green life also means caring for individual trees. Example: Hair and nails are dead cells in our body, but it’s compulsory to keep them trimmed and clean. The logic works the same for that, except trees are a thousand times more valuable to the world. Vegetation makes communities, animal, human environments healthier, as well as making the city air cleaner. Trees possess a diverse set of characteristics that can aid in the reduction of air pollution, and communities all over the world are working to leverage them.

Trees are responsible for improving the air quality. True! But they also provide shelter, reduce nature’s impact (like the sun and wind), and, if you think about it, they improve the quality and value of your property. But on the dark side, trees come with their lifespan and wither away with time! Look around, and you’ll know how giving trees & forests less priority has affected climate change.

As a result, it is imperative that our trees and forests remain well-maintained throughout and require the right amount of care and trim, depending on the situation. The best way to go about it is to hire a tree care service (a.k.a arbor culturalist).


Below we are citing the top 10 benefits of hiring a licensed tree care service professional.

  1. Tree service companies come with the required equipment & facilities.

Different types of equipment are used for pruning large branches and trimming or cutting down trees. Skilled tree removalists have the required equipment and resources to complete these activities. As a result, the job is completed correctly, cautiously, and efficiently, so it’s safe to hire them for the residents and other young trees and plants around.

  1. The security is assured.

Cutting down trees is not the same as removing them. You must exercise caution to ensure that you complete the task correctly; otherwise, the falling tree can cause damage to your home or any structure(s) below or near it. It is preferable to entrust the job to a licensed tree removal service provider to avoid injury or damages to yourself and your relatives.

  1. Your property remains safeguarded.

Tree service experts with years of experience know how to get the job done right! They will cut trees without risking harm to the property, thanks to those specialized pieces of equipment. They understand how to use and monitor the system to minimize the impact of a falling branch or tree on your property. In the meantime, your yard, house, and car are not harmed.

  1. It’s easy to clean up.

Tree cutting is time-consuming and leaves the yard in shambles. Worse, cleaning up becomes a nightmare. Many trees will be removed, and the professional tree care service companies will thoroughly clean the area.

They ensure no stump (https://proarbcanterbury.kiwi/stump-grinding-removal-canterbury/) or bottom section of the tree protrudes from the ground. They even cut down trees that have evolved to be too huge or large for their surroundings. Additionally, they cut trees into smaller fragments that can later be used as firewood. Above everything, they remove all of the garbage from your house. As a result, they tidy up after themselves.

  1. Tree service companies are tree maintenance professionals.

Tree maintenance is something that professional tree service firms are well-versed in. They investigate the soil and other variables that influence the growth of young trees. They’ve been shown how to care for plants properly.

They understand which parts to cut and how to do so competently and healthily. If the tree is infested with insects or viruses, they handle it appropriately to preserve it. Their tree-care expertise may also aid in the preservation of the wellbeing of other species.

  1. It is cost-effective to hire a tree service.

If you see, you’re going to be benefitted if you hire a tree care specialist. So, the fee is reasonable, and the service is well worth the investment.

Tree service providers not only safely cut trees but also clean up the environment. As a result, you save time and resources on damage fixes and reconstruction whenever you do the work yourself.

Hiring a tree care service professional is a safer choice for trimming and cutting trees because they have the technical expertise, the appropriate tools, and awareness of tree maintenance.

For optimum results, you should stick to a professional. But it is also essential to bring the right kind of professional on board for your task.


Here are 10 things to look into while hiring your tree care specialist.

We have a decent number of companies claiming to provide the best tree care service in Canterbury. That’s why to minimise complications; it’s essential to recognise who you’re recruiting.

A reasonable way to start is by looking for a tree removal firm that employs trained arborists who have spent years studying & teaching in tree biology and care.

  1. Insurance:

One of the most critical things to verify is whether or not the tree care specialist in Canterbury is covered. They should be covered by liability insurance in case they harm your house. They can still provide worker’s compensation insurance to compensate for any injury that their workers will suffer whilst on the premise(s). It even saves you from getting charged in the event of an injury.

  1. Hire a licensed professional:

Verify that the company’s license is recent and that it complies with the criteria for tree clearance in Canterbury. Operating a tree clearing facility without a certificate is unconstitutional.

  1. Check Their Qualifications:

Consider the company’s special qualifications and certifications. The below are some of the qualifications to search for:

  • BTEC National Award/Certificate/Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture, BTEC First or National Diploma levels
  • City & Guilds National Certificates
  • NPTC certification in chainsaw and related operations
  • Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Arboriculture
  • Arboricultural Association Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture
  • Royal Forestry Society (RFS) Certificate in Arboriculture
  • ABC Certificates and NVQs at level 2 or above
  • Certification in ‘First Aid At Work’
  1. Recommendations:

Is it possible for them to provide you with a collection of references for their work? Hearing from other clients will provide insight into the kind of job you can anticipate. You should also look at the company’s web feedback and make sure there aren’t any significant issues or disagreements.

  1. Cost estimate:

If you’re looking for a tree removal service in Canterbury, make sure you have a detailed, documented estimate of all costs. This would save you money in the long run by avoiding any unexpected charges.

  1. Compare services:

When recruiting somebody to do the work for you, it’s good to compare many firms. Costs, programs provided, supplies, and time estimates are also factors to consider.

  1. Equipment:

Inquire about the pieces of equipment and facilities that the company would use. Example: Will they be using their cranes for larger jobs, etc.

Be sure they have all of the tools they’ll need to do the job quickly, with minimum disruption to the rest of your house.

  1. Employee Training:

Inquire into the company’s workers’ backgrounds. Ascertain that they have comprehensive expertise and trained arborists on board, as well as that they operate a drug-free company.

  1. On-the-Job Safety:

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires tree removal firms in Canterbury to supply tree removal or tree relocation workers with protective clothing and supplies to keep them secure on the job site. Ascertain if they are adhering to this criterion.

  1. Consider the time factor:

Is the firm available for emergency tree support 24X7? How long would it take them to finish the job? This varies widely from one business to the next, so make sure to inquire ahead of time.

Contact ProArb Canterbury for tree maintenance and tree relocation. Our trained arborists are knowledgeable about tree health, detect disease and insect infestations, and use machinery professionally to ensure you get the best service possible.